Saturday, March 28, 2009

How can that be a good idea?

There is a new entry in my "Telephone Heirarchy of Loathing"!

My phone rang this morning. I picked it up, wedged it between ear and shoulder, and proceeded to do what I was busy doing. It turned out to be an automated telesales message, wanting to sell me broadband.

Of course, my standard response to such calls is to hang up. (Actual telemarketers do at least get the courtesy of a "no thanks" before I do this - even that guy who wanted me to sign up for a new credit card.) However, I had both hands full, and so had to listen in for a moment.

Anyway, the first sentence of the message ended, and then the voice said, "Answering yes or no, would you be interested..." Fortunately, I had emptied a hand by this time, and so hung up.

But did you see it?

They've actually combined an automated switchboard (#1 on the list) with automated telesales (#2)! And they've made it voice-activated as well!

Ah, it warms the cold depths of my heart to find a new high entry for my "Telephone Heirarchy of Loathing". Today has been a most productive day.

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