Thursday, March 19, 2009

Experimental Cookery 'Tuesday' #25: Lamb Rogan Josh

With having to leave work early on Monday to meet the Sky Guy, I had two hours extra time to work. I made up those hours on Tuesday, which made the day a bit of an epic. And, on arriving home, I decided I really didn't fancy cooking, and especially cooking a meal with a one-hour simmer stage.

However, last night I made up for this, cooking up the lamb rogan josh. It was worth the wait.
This one was very easy to put together, despite the long cook time. Basically, chop the ingredients, and then add them to the pot in the right order. Once each is cooked, add the next, then simmer (for an hour), and then serve. Easy.

However, these long cooking times are a real problem. I'll definately have this again, but I will need to do it by stocking up the freezer with a batch cooked at the weekends when I'm free. I won't be cooking this again on a weeknight.

Anyway, that will be 2-1 in "Easy Curries". The next one is "Leftover Curry Biryani", the meal I skipped in order to have the lamb rogan josh to use as the leftover curry. Also, I still haven't gotten anywhere on the rice issue.

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