Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Experimental Cookery (Monday &) Tuesday #54: Lamb & Red Wine Stew, Kinda Hotpot

The fourth and final stew worked about as well as the pork & cider, which was a relief. It also tasted fine, which was also good. And, what's more, the chopped potato topping actually improved the stew, rather than being rather a waste of time as had been the case with the previous toppings.

So, that's 3-1 for the stews. This concludes the stew chapter; I now move on to family roasts, starting with roast beef. My favourite was the chicken & white wine, with the beef & ale stew being the worst, of course.

(Yes, quite a short review this week - I didn't have too much to say, mostly because the stews are minor variations on a theme.)

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