Thursday, September 24, 2009

Experimental Cookery Tuesday (& Wednesday) #53: Pork and Cider Stew / Sort-of Cottage Pie

The third of the stews was just another variation on the same theme. Fortunately, like the chicken stew, and unlike the beef, this one didn't dry out completely during the cook process, and was therefore actually edible. More than that, it was actually nice.

As with the pastry lid for the chicken stew, I felt that the potato topping that made this sort of a cottage pie was rather a waste of time and effort. It was nice enough, but didn't really add to the whole. It didn't really help that the boil-time given wasn't really long enough, and I rather foolishly didn't check that the potatoes were soft enough to mash before I reached the point of having to mash them. Oops.

Next up is a lamb and red wine stew, which I have to make into a sort-of hot-pot. That's next week. That will also conclude the stews, after which I move on to the roasts. In the meantime, the stews now stand at 2-1 in favour.

1 comment:

thechrlog said...

10 minutes to boil potatoes!

Madness I tell you.

I wonder if they forgot to proofread the stew chapter, what with the beef one drying out and all.

I guess we'll never know.