Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Experimental Cookery Tuesday #50: Classic Mince and Onion Pie

Meals like this are exactly why I'm working my way through this book in order. Quite simply, if I were doing the standard of picking items from the book as and when they appeal, I would never get around to doing this one - there's no way I would spend two hours after work cooking up a pie just for myself, and I'm rarely in to eat at the weekend. And yet, this was probably the best meal in the "Homely Mince" chapter - an impressive feat given the other contents of the chapter!

This was really an easy meal to cook, albeit one that took a long time, and the results were extremely impressive. I'm sure I will be cooking this again at some point, although probably not without company.

So, that concludes the mince chapter, and brings it to a perfect 7-0. There have been some very impressive meals in this chapter. However, despite this, it hasn't really had the same impact as the curry chapter, which I think remains my favourite to date. Mince is good, but the curries were a class apart.

Next up is "Comforting Stews", which consists on four variations on a theme of a single stew, one for each of the main food groups (beef, pork, lamb, chicken). For this one, I am going to have to modify my approach somewhat - I think the plan will have to be to cook the meal on Sunday, and eat it on Tuesday. There's just no way that I am going to spend 3+ hours cooking after work on a Tuesday! (There is one other possibility that I will consider - I generally finish work early on Friday, so that may be the day to go for.) Anyway, that's next week...

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