Monday, March 19, 2012

A Very Busy Weekend

I had a spectacularly busy and productive weekend. On Friday night, we supplied our travel company with the required information to allow us to fly anywhere near the US, thus ensuring we can actually go on honeymoon. Then, we completed one of our top secret projects.

On Saturday, having gotten up bright and early, I launched into my epic list of tasks. Over the course of the day, I made the final arrangements for the final present to be given out to the wedding party; I purchased Mum's Mother's Day present; I acquired the last of my Christmas presents (trading in a book token to do so); I got Lady Chocolat's Birthday present; I cleaned the kitchen; I rearranged my bookshelves with much more efficient stacking, so that when Lady Chocolat moves in there will at least be some space for her books; I made the final arrangements for the ceilidh band for our wedding, and paid the outstanding balance; I sent an RSVP for another wedding; I finished off the pipe band's annual charity return (which was horrible); I got caught up on "Spartacus: Vengeance", watched an episode of "True Blood", one of "How I Met Your Mother", and two of "Battlestar Galactica". Oh, and I threw out several boxes that had been cluttering up the place, moved the boxes for our new TV and the PS3 down into storage, and made a call to arrange to donate our old TV to charity. And, since I always forget something when I make up the list of what I did on Saturday - yeah, I did something else too. (Oh yes, and I washed through all my bedding.

On Sunday morning, having gotten up even more bright and early, I proceeded to watch another episode of "True Blood", made lunch for today, and then cleaned the bathroom, thus finally catching up on all the outstanding cleaning tasks that had built up over the past several weeks. I then finally fitted the replacement toilet seat (having held off on this until the rest of the bathroom was clean). And then I headed over to LC's for lunch. On arriving, having remembered one of the tasks I had forgotten, I checked the tyre pressure on the car, and blew up one of the tyres that had actually had become dangerous.

So, it was an immensely productive weekend.

Anyway, a few minutes later we were chatting, and I said, "I got quite a lot done yesterday..." all set to launch into my great list...

"Have you...?" Lady Chocolat asked, citing one of the three (three!) things that were still not done. She then proceeded to chide me for not having found the time to complete this task.


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