Sunday, January 11, 2015

Experimental Cookery 2015 #1: Beef Goulash

One of the things I'm hoping to do in 2015 is to resume my too-sporadic "Experimental Cookery" series. That being the case, here's the first entry of the new year.

This one comes from the Hairy Dieters book "Eat For Life" (the yellow one). This is a book I've used several times and that has never let me down.

And tonight's dinner was no exception. Truth is, it was never going to be very demanding - a handful of veg to chop, a few minutes browing the meat, and then a little time on the hop and a lot of time in the oven, and it's done.

The only thing to note is that the recipe really needs more water - I added the 600ml at the start, and then a further 400ml (ish) when I added the peppers after an hour and a half, and it was still awfully dry by the end. I think perhaps more regular additions of 200ml here and there would have done better. (That said, I'm somewhat inclined to adapt this recipe for the slow cooker, in which case the liquid needs should be re-adjusted anyway.)

The result was once again quite pleasing - nice tender meat, a hearty taste, and a very filling meal all around. This one will definitely be being added to my rotation.

It's also worth noting that that second Hairy Dieters book is definitely my recommended volume of the three. The first is good two, with the third being a comparitive let-down, but the second is definitely the star. It's also one of my big three recommends, along with "Jamie's Ministry of Food" and Hugh's "River Cottage Every Day". I have several other cookbooks that are decent, but those are the three that I come back to again and again.

#2: "D&D: Hoard of the Dragon Queen", by Wolfgang Baur and Steve Winter

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