Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Mug Rotation

One of the presents I received for Christmas was a rather spiffing coffee mug. This was especially appreciated as I've been having some mug-related issues at work ever since my official work mug got broken in a freak "why did I do that?" accident - for a short while I was using an Icelandic Vikings mug until I realised the great risk that this involved, then I briefly switched to a Superman mug, before settling on a TARDIS mug for the bulk of last year (which could contain more coffee than most of my other mugs. Feel free to insert the obvious joke here).

Plus, LC was particularly glad I got a new mug, as she is frequently heard encouraging me to buy some new ones to reduce our crippling shortage.

I was quite excited to try out my new mug at work, until I noticed a fatal weakness, in fact the same weakness that caused me to stop using the Superman mug. Printed on the bottom of the mug is the dire warning, "Not suitable for use in a dishwasher or microwave" (or in the presence of Kryptonite in the case of the Superman mug, obviously). Deflated, I sadly placed the mug on a shelf, never again to see the light of day.

Until I had my wonderful idea!

One of the mug-related issues that I constantly face is that I have many mugs from my travels, but only ever actually use one at home: my favouritest-ever special mug that I especially bought while in Brittany (at the Festival de Saint Loup with the band). Which means that those many other mugs spend most of their time sitting in their trees, jealously waiting the day when we have people round to drink coffee (or, more likely, I need to crack an egg).

My wonderful idea, therefore, is that 2015 will be The Year of Mug Rotation! Each week I shall take a different mug to work for coffee-drinking purposes, until such time that I have used them all.

This will have three benefits. Firstly, it will allow all of my mugs to have their week in the sun, thus preventing ill-feeling amongst those that seldom get used. Secondly, it will make work just that little bit more interesting, which is obviously key. And, thirdly, there's always the possibility that one or more of my colleagues might remark on the weekly mug change, allowing me to regale them with my aptly-named Mug Anecdotes.

And as we know, everyone loves a mug anecdote...

#1: "Pathfinder: Palace of Fallen Stars", by Tim Hitchcock


Lady Chocolat said...

You and I will be having a serious conversation about what I said about mugs...

Kezzie said...

I love the fact I am not the only person who attributes feelings to crockery (or cutlery)
Yeh, my mug requirements are purely BUCKET and then I'm not fussy. Trouble is, I bought CBC a nice Denby mug a couple of years ago and I love using it but he jealously guards it!