Friday, January 02, 2015

Goals for 2015

Okay, it's a day late, but here's the promised post with my goals for 2015.

Setting goals is actually a bit tricky this year, because I'm a great believer in SMART goals - a 'good' goal should be Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic, and Time-bound. The AT of this is easily achieved, but I've had some difficulties with SMR for the rest of them, as for most things I'm in quite a good position and the goal is really, "more of the same, please".

Because of the nature of this year, I don't have any monthly or quarterly goals. All my goals are set to run for the whole of the year. Still, there should be some ability to measure them as we go:

  • Weight: The big carry-over from last year, this goal is unchanged: I would like to lose a stone and a half this year. More would be nice, but given the failure of the last two years I'm going to focus on the stated goal and not worry about anything beyond that.
  • Books: The other repeat goal is also the same: I would like to read 60 books this year, including 12 from The List. I do have a couple of other sub-lists for the year, but am largely ignoring this.
  • Games: I would like to take part in twelve game sessions this year, giving an average of one a month. Ideally, I would like four sessions as a player amongst these, but that's an aspiration and not a formal goal.
  • Work: This one really is "more of the same". Work has been going pretty well, and I would like to continue in this same vein.
  • Band: I'm not setting a goal for our competition season, as that is largely outwith my control. However, I would like to see my current students start breaking into the main band. So that's the target: to see one of my students play in one of our competitions this year. (Unless the Development Band does indeed restart, in which case this goal will need to be reformulated.)
  • Super Secret Goal #4: Actually, this isn't exactly secret: ideally, we're hoping to move house late this year. This will involve several steps, as we'll need to get the roof fixed, redecorate the whole flat, and sell up, all while also looking for a suitable new place to live. All of which is slightly complicated by LC's work situation - because she's on long-term supply rather than in a permanent position, it's difficult to pick a place that's going to suit both our commutes. Oh well...

So that's it: six goals for the year, including one that has carried-over, two repeats, and three that are nicely measurable. That'll do.

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