Monday, July 27, 2015

Back to Work

Bleurgh. Not the best day, on any front. Did summer ever really get started in this country?

This Week's Mug: Okay, this really is the last mug anecdote. LC actually found another two mugs during the redecoration, but I'm not counting these as there's a reason they were hidden away - they're 'display' mugs rather than 'use' mugs.

So, the final mug is a red Starbucks mug that I was given as a Christmas present a couple of years ago by the A team. It was originally half of a set, but the white mug in the set developed a leak and so was thrown away. As a mug, this one is absolutely fine, if not my favourite. However, it does lose some points for being a representative of a company I now avoid where a reasonable alternative exists - something to do with taxes.

And that's the end of that series. Huzzah!

#30: "The Silkworm", by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling)
#31: "Pathfinder: Ice Tomb of the Giant Queen", by Jim Groves
#32: "Through Every Human Heart", by Janice Brown
#33: "Lord of Runes", by Dave Gross
#34: "Love in the Time of Cholera", by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (a book from The List)
#35: "Firefly: Smuggler's Guide to the Rim", by Margaret Weis Productions

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