Sunday, July 19, 2015

Update on Goals

Ah, the 200th day of the year, and so another update on goals. Once again, I'm actually away for the crucial day in question, so this is actually being written well in advance. If there's any significant change I'll update when I return.

  • Weight: Not good. A month of being far too busy, getting far too little sleep, and eating far too much junk (and especially drinking too much Coke and Irn Bru) has done me no good at all.
  • Books: By day 200, I should be 32.9 books through my reading for the year. This is the one that's hard to judge in advance - I'm well short of that point at the time of writing, but very likely to have read several books in the interim. My best guess is that I'm probably at or close to the target.
  • Games: Having skipped June and July, I'm still at five sessions done here, two behind of where I 'should' be. My hope is that this will pick up again in August and thus end on target. So I'm not overly concerned here.
  • Work: The last few weeks have been brutal. I can say no more than that, alas.
  • Band: Done.
  • Super Secret Goal #4: In the first two weeks of her holiday, LC has proceeded to redecorate the flat, which is excellent. Obviously, I'm not claiming any credit for that, but it does mean that this goal is right on target.

It's been a rough few weeks, such that at the time of writing I am suddenly behind on three goals, and struggling with a fourth. The likelihood is that most of these will come back together, especially once the competition season ends, but right now it makes for some disappointing reading. Still, I'm hopeful that the next update in September has some better results.

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