Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Experimental Cookery 2015 #27: Penne al Forno

On Sunday, while we were discussing dinner, LC said she fancied a pasta bake. We therefore chose this recipe, which comes from the Food Network site, and all seemed well. Then LC went out for a huge lunch and decided she didn't want dinner after all.

The penne al forno was therefore delayed until last night. It proved to be an easy meal to make, but the recipe lies blatantly - the headline says 15 mins prep and 15 mins bake, but if you read the detail there's a 20 minute simmer stage and a 30 minute bake in there, and that's not the complete story.

So, the meal was prepared fairly quickly and easily, but I did then have to eat it very quickly in order to get to band in time. Which wasn't ideal. The meal also had too much sauce for not enough pasta, though this was my fault.

It tasted fine, but I doubt we'll have this again. The meal was pretty much just some bolognese sauce with penne pasta, baked in the oven. But we already have a better method for bolognese sauce, so I'm inclined just to do that. Still, not the worst meal in the world, and it certainly looked very nice.

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