Thursday, September 24, 2015

Experimental Cookery 2015 #38: Gorgeous Greek Chicken, Herby Vegetable Couscous, and Tzatziki

It's a bit of a shock to think that yesterday was already the end of week 38 of the year. Fourteen weeks on Friday, and it will be 2016.

Anyway, this week's Experimental Cookery was again from "Jamie's Fifteen Minute Meals", a book that has, obviously, been doing me some great service in the last little while. And it was another good one, except...

I think when I do this again, I'm going to simply omit the peas. They were okay, I guess, but the main thing they added to the meal was a lot of moisture that really didn't help.

Likewise, in future I'm going to try to get the couscous a bit dryer, for much the same reason. I think the key here is to use a bit less water - ironically, Jamie's foolproof method of 1 mug couscous to 2 mugs water doesn't quite work for me. So I'll stick with my previous "just cover it" method.

Oh, and we need a bigger serving dish!

Other than that, this was a real success. In particular, I found the base of the herby veg to be quick and easy to make, and yet quite flavoursome, and I also enjoyed the tzatziki - we've had it before, but I've never made it. (And, coincidentally, a colleague of mine had some excess cucumbers to give away yesterday, we the tzatziki was made with super-fresh ingredients. Huzzah!)

And that was that. I think I'm going to try to use some other book for next week's Experimental Cookery, and indeed may be coming to the end of this book's usefulness (lots of fish in there!). But we'll see.

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