Monday, September 07, 2015

Update on Goals

It seems like no time at all since the last update, and yet here we are in September, and day 250 of the year. That means it's time for the antepenultimate update on goals for the year.

I've decided to add two more goals to the list, as there are two things that I've been tracking that didn't actually make the list, and they really should be on there. So...

  • Weight: This one has actually been going fine since returning from my holiday, although I'm yet to make any great progress towards my actual target - I've managed to shift the weight I gained earlier in the year, but remain 'stuck' at that point. Annoying, but not the disaster of previous updates.
  • Books: By day 250 I should by rights be at 41 books read, so I'm obviously well ahead on that one!
  • Games: I'm currently on six sessions, thus being two behind target. However, I have a second campaign starting up soon which means that I should be caught up before too long, and expect to actually end the year ahead of target.
  • Work: Work is extremely stressful, but getting back towards being manageable.
  • Band: Done.
  • Super Secret Goal #4: This is looking good, but we'll need to see how the last four months of the year go. My expectation is that we'll actually move early in the next year, but it could go either way.
  • Experimental Cookery: By this point I 'should' be at 35.6 entries in this series for the year. At the time of writing I'm actually at 33, placing me a little behind. However, I've been rapidly catching up, so hope to end this one on target. (I haven't had a chance to blog about #33 yet, but we ate it on Friday.)
  • The Imaginarium: For the past several months I've operating with a secret goal of ending the year with 60 posts on that blog written, giving an average of 5 per month. I spent a fair amount of the year behind on that goal, but have recently caught up, and expect to end the year on target.

So that's that. The last several weeks have gradually seen lots of things come back under control, meaning that of the eight goals I now have one done, four at or ahead of target, and two very definitely catching up. The only one that is of real concern is the weight issue, which remains problematic. We'll see how the remainder of the year goes.

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