Saturday, November 08, 2008

Suddenly, it all makes much more sense

This week, I discovered that there are two sets of numbering on my street. Consequently, there is another appartment that shares the same number, street name, and postcode as my own. The only difference is that the other is within a particular appartment block, and is properly addressed "Insert Name Here Buildings, Steph/ven's Street..."

I found this out when I received a package "FAO: Name" that seemed to be correctly addressed. I had assumed that this person was a previous tenant at this address, but this turned out to be incorrect. Unfortunately, I have been unable to redeliver this mail, which means getting in touch with the couriers, who expect me to be available on Monday morning for them to deign to pick up the item!

The other annoying consequence of this was that for the past year I had been receiving mail from Scottish Gas addressed to this person, but bearing the legend "Important information for the current occupant of Steph/ven's address". So, naturally, I opened the letters, to be informed that my gas meter needed replaced.

I finally got this done last time I was on vacation, and was told by the engineer that my new meter would be logged into their system, and all would be well. Naturally, this proved to be screwed up when my gas bill arrived. (I assumed this was just another case of general incompetence, an impression compounded when I was forced to spend an hour on the phone to them, having to shout to make myself heard and understood, and eventually just about managing to explain what had happened.)

So, that mystery has been resolved. Of course, it still leaves the more telling question: just what exactly where they thinking when the numbered my street thus?


Chris said...

That is quite impressive.

I used to deliver post at Christmas when I was little(r). Something to do with the Boy Scouts I think.

On a certain stretch of one local road on my route there were the same numbers running up both sides of the street. I really have no idea how the normal postman/everyone else managed. I guess you just get very friendly with your neighbours.

So maybe it is not uncommon?

Maybe postmen deserve more credit than we give them?

Steph/ven said...

Idiot that I am, I didn't realise when speaking to the guy that I'd been put through to a depot that was all of a mile from the office.

So, rather than wait for the guy to come pick up the parcel from me at home, cutting two hours from my day (assuming he was actually on time), I instead took the parcel back to them. Problem solved.