Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not sure I've mastered the whole 'NED' thing

After my efforts in the kitchen, I was left with an empty bottle of wine (I used some cooking, and drank one glass separately. Lacking any means to properly store an open bottle of wine, I then poured the rest away). Conveniently, this evening took me on a wander through Camelon, going past the glass recycling bins, so I took the empty bottle with me for disposal.

Naturally, as I walked through the streets, bottle in hand, I elicited a number of disapproving stares from people out and about. Apparently, care for the environment is frowned upon. Or, more likely, they mistook me for a NED (non-educated delinquient, for those not up on the local parlance).

Still, I'm not entirely sure I got it right. I was under the impression that the NED's tipple of choice was Buckfast, as opposed to a rather pleasant Sauvignon Blanc. I'll try to get it right next time.


Chris said...

I didn't know that Ned actually stood for something. I assumed they were all named after Ned Kelly, for some inexplicable reason.

I suspect these "out and about" people are more discerning than you think. They probably spotted that your Sauvignon Blanc was not from the Loire Valley, and were turning their noses up.

Quite rightly.

Anonymous said...

You should have submitted a picture to nedVned.com! lol!