Thursday, January 08, 2009

(Belated) Experimental Cookery Tuesday #14: Macaroni Cauliflower Cheese Bake

Dear, oh dear. Well, I suppose I was overdue for a complete disaster in the kitchen sooner or later, and this was it.

It was all going so well. There I was, cooking up that most traditional of Christmas fayre (not sure I understand that one, either), when I came to an instruction reading, "If the water boils up beneath the bowl, just turn the heat down slightly." Fair enough.

What the book didn't say was, "When this doesn't work, you'll end up with water everywhere. You might try to order it back, like a particularly wise king of old, but this will be no more successful for you than it was for old Canute. You'll end up with water everywhere, and a kitchen in a mess."

And so it is.

It tasted okay. But, as with the previous two, lacked meat. And it made such a mess. I won't be having this again, save only to consume the other three portions that were made.

And that makes it 3-1 in the "Quick Pasta" chapter, with three to go. Doesn't look too good. Next up is "Pasta Al Pangrattato", which contains anchovies. I can hardly wait.

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