Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Competitive Cookery Sunday: #11 Perfect Roast Chicken; #12 Roast Potatoes, Parsnips and Carrots; #13 Dressed Asparagus

So, in preparation for The Reason, we divvied up the cookery task. And naturally, given the nature of my family, this was soon to become a competition with almost unrivalled consequences. Who would secure bragging rights for all time, and who would be consigned to a lifetime of mockery?

Of course, of the eleven adults who were going, at least nine could quite readily put a good meal on the table. So, the challenge was great. Fortunately, I was assigned to cook on the Wednesday, and to cook one of my specialities: Shepherd's Pie. So, no fear there, then.

Until a couple of weeks before The Reason, when I was suddenly shifted to the Sunday, and to cook roast chicken, something I have not had occasion to cook for several years. Oh dear.

Still, not to worry. After all, to do other than smile winningly and say, "okay" would be to suggest weakness, which just would not do. And Jamie does tackle such things, so how hard can they be?

Turns out they're not too tough at all. A bit of preparation, a willingness to follow instructions, and a boneheaded refusal to allow doubt to enter your mind will suffice for most situations. And so, the food was gathered, peeled, chopped, parboiled, roasted, dressed, carved, and served.

People were stunned. I know I was. Most people even ate their parsnips, despite thier status as culinary nemesis. The word "amazing" was used.

That'll be 2-0 to Jamie on the "Family Roasts" chapter, and 1-0 on "Delish Veg". I may well be having some or all of these again, although I can't say when.

The first "Experimental Cookery Tuesdsay" of this year has been delayed, due to my battle with illness. However, all being well, I should be tackling the "Macaroni Cauliflower Cheese Bake" tomorrow. After which, things should be mostly back to normal around here.

Oh, yes: Did I win? Well, we didn't actually run it as a competition. That would be crazy. However, I can take my place amongst the chefs in the family, in whose mighty company I shall not now feel ashamed.

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