Saturday, January 17, 2009

Experimental Cookery Breakfast #3: One-Cup Pancakes, Tropical Yoghurt and Mango

This one had some teething problems. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but the batter ended up far too thin, so I had to add more flour to give it some weight. And the pan didn't heat evenly, although there was no mystery to this, just some annoyance.

Anyway, there's nothing much to pancakes, and they did taste fine. I was somewhat less impressed with the tropical yoghurt and mango - perhaps the mango was a bad idea, being so far out of season. Whatever the cause, it didn't really gel.

Still, I'm inclined to give him the mark for this one. So, that'll be 3-0 on the breakfasts. Next up is "Frozen Fruit Smoothies", clearly a major culinary challenge. However, that one will be delayed a while, as I'll have to invest in a liquidiser first.

After that, it's eggs, in a multitude of forms.

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Le Welsh said...

I had a disappointing ommlette experience before work tonight. I used too large a pan and so it was all thin and fell apart. I switched pans to make the Tart's and was then a bit jealous when his turned out better. Just thought I'd mention that. I like pancakes, though and might have to try that recipe.