Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Experimental Cookery Tuesday #18: Chicken Chow Mein

As I said last week, this is a classic dish. And it was a good one, too.

I was a little concerned about this one, for two reasons. The first was that finding the ingredients proved to be something of an ordeal, with them being hidden in Tesco. In the end, I had to make a couple of creative substitutions that might have impacted on the meal. (That said, I don't think the ingredients here are really fixed - stir fries seem to work reasonably well with substitutions.) The second was that Graeme was popping round for a visit, and would partake of Experimental Cookery Tuesday - what if this was the week of the dread food poisoning?

Well, no need to worry on that account. It all went swimmingly, the meal was fantastic, and everyone survived. Indeed, this chow mein was actually better than the one I get from the Cantonese takeaway I sometimes visit.

Anyway, that's 1-0 to Jamie in the "Tasty Stir Fries" chapter. Next up is "My Sweet and Sour Pork", assuming I can get some pork of appropriate quality at Tesco next week. (I've found that pork dishes really vary a lot depending on the quality of the meat, so will have to make sure I get the good stuff.)

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