Thursday, May 07, 2015

Done and Done

As is my wont, I went and cast my vote just before leaving for work. Ever since moving to Falkirk, in either my previous flat or the current one, I've never been more than a street away from the polling place, so it has always been easy. So for me it's all over now until the results come in.

My plan for tonight is to get a fairly early night and then to get up a little early. There's no point in watching the election night coverage until the results start coming in in numbers, as until then the talking heads actually have very little to talk about. And while I have some interest in potential "Portillo moments", not enough to warrant staying up. There will no doubt be a compilation video on YouTube at some point. (And if I didn't stay up for Avengers, I'm certainly not going to for Mr D. Alexander...)

If things are indeed as close as the media and the polls think, even those last few seats may be key in seeing the shape of things. So, I'll get up for those, rather than staying up for the early ones.

My one big hope, as with the referendum, is that the process is completely fair and is seen to be completely fair. The second last thing we need is serious allegations of fraud... the last being actual fraud. But as long as it is indeed fair, I suspect we'll be able to muddle along somehow, whatever the result may be.

Do please vote today, regardless of which way you lean. The higher the turnout, the better the result reflects the actual will of the people, which can only be a good thing.

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