Saturday, May 30, 2015

Update on Goals

The end of May brings us the 150th day of the year, so it's time for another update on goals. We're now nearly halfway through the year, so this update should give some idea on how things should end up.

  • Weight: Gah! This has been a total disaster, still. No progress.
  • Books: By day 150, I should be 24.6 books through my reading for the year. I'm therefore now very slightly ahead of schedule, having completed book 25. I'm also up-to-date on all the sublists, with the caveat that this month's Pathfinder didn't arrive until Thursday. Still, I'm expecting to finish that before the end of the month, remaining on target. So that's going well.
  • Games: Still right on target: five sessions done after five months. However, I'm planning to miss a couple in June and July, but hope to catch up in the last third of the year.
  • Work: Still on target.
  • Band: This goal is actually done - one of my students played his first competition at Dunbar. Huzzah!
  • Super Secret Goal #4: I'm reliably informed that the roof has been fixed, though I remain concerned every time it rains. There are a few small bits of DIY that need to be done, and a redecoration, but things are going well.

Everything seems to be going pretty well, with the notable exception of the weight goal. I have to make sure I have some real progress to report for the next update in July.

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