Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Experimental Cookery 2015 #21: Creamy Pancetta Pasta with Mushrooms & Parmesan

As I mentioned the other day, LC is currently cat-sitting for her parents. I've therefore been left alone, and one of my responses to this was to take the opportunity to have a meal with mushrooms in. LC does not like mushrooms, and as a consequence I seldom get to have them, and so now was my chance.

This meal turned out to be more of an adventure than I'd expected. On Sunday, after arriving home, I headed out almost right away to Tesco, where I bought all the things for this meal. Including cream. This evening, while gathering those ingredients together, but thankfully before actually starting the cooking, I looked in the fridge and... no cream! Where could it be?

Well, I searched high and I searched low. It wasn't in the main fridge, nor in the backup fridge. It hadn't accidentally been left in the shopping bag. Somehow, it had disappeared.

So, I had to go out and get some. And, heading out to the car I realised where the cream was: it had fallen out of the bag into the car, and had been stewing there ever since. It was not a pleasant thing.

I got new cream and returned to the cooking. Ten minutes later, I had a meal to eat. It was quick, and easy... and I'd done all the prep work before heading out.

The meal itself was nice enough, but not exactly the best thing ever. It was basically another take on Carbonara, only with mushrooms and bacon instead of chorizo and egg yolks. Oh, and fancy pasta, though I'll probably just use the rest of that up when next I have Carbonara. So, anyway, it was a winner, but not one that would trouble the Nominated Nine. And not something I'll be agitating for LC to try - I suspect she'll be quite glad of that last!

I have no idea what's on the slate for next week. Something not involving mushrooms, no doubt!

(Oh, yes: this one came from Lorraine Pascale's second book, "Home Cooking Made Easy". A good book, though not one I use too often.)

This Week's Mug: This week I'm using the second "Big Bang Theory" mug. It's very similar to the previous mug in construction, but with a different design - this mug has the "atom symbol" that they use in scene breaks in the show repeated twice in green, plus a "comic strip" style set of quotes from the characters in the middle. Alas, the mug is printed very slightly out of focus, so it's actually not very legible.

#23: "Vanity Fair", by William Makepeace Thackeray (a book from The List)
#24: "The Bell Jar", by Sylvia Plath (a book from The List)
#25: "Doctor Who: How to be a Time Lord", by BBC Books

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