Friday, June 19, 2015

Experimental Cookery 2015 #25: Mushroom Farfalle

Once again, I'm on my own. LC has gone out for the evening. Which has the advantage that while she's away I can cook whatever I want! Which, once again, means mushrooms. This one comes from "Jamie's Fifteen Minute Meals", which is a book we actually don't have, but having seen him do it on TV a couple of times I felt I could give it a go. (I'm going to have to pick that book up, actually - the series has been very impressive.)

The pasta for this dish is farfalle, which is the bow-tie style pasta, therefore being the coolest of all pastas. Huzzah! The other component of the meal is a mushroom sauce, which came together very quickly and easily. The whole meal did indeed take me about fifteen minutes to make. (In fairness, I didn't do the salad that goes with it in the show, but I doubt that would have added much - I can multitask!)

This was definitely a success, and one I suspect would be ideal for the vegetarian in your life. I would certainly have it again. Indeed, as soon as I finished I thought I'd quite like to have it again! LC, of course, wouldn't even touch this.

I have a couple of nights alone as well next week, as LC is away again. So they may be another Experimental Cookery featuring mushrooms coming up...

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