Monday, June 22, 2015

Strathmore Highland Games 2015

This one's somewhat delayed, but included for completeness.

Last Sunday the band attended the Strathmore Highland Games. I'm not sure why I missed this one last year, but I do know I'd intended to go but in the event didn't. It's a fairly small event that takes place in the grounds of Glamis Castle.

The day didn't seem promising when it started - as I left the flat I discovered it was raining quite heavily, and so I returned to get an umbrella. However, as we headed further from Falkirk the weather improved, until it turned into quite a nice day.

We were playing twice, once in grade 4A and again in grade 3. Unfortunately, during the preparations for playing the first time, something went wrong with my drones, which just would not strike up. So I had to drop out at the last minute. The band went on, and played pretty well.

We then got the drones sorted between the two performances, by the expedient of replacing the reeds with an old set I had. This meant I was able to play in the second contest. We played well. Alas, this was the grade 3 competition, where we really didn't have any chance. Still, nice to get a good performance under our belts.

Then there was the usual waiting and the march-past. In the end we came third out of six in grade 4A (3rd for piping; 4th for drumming), and sixth out of six in grade 3 (6th and 6th). So, out first prize of the season, and quite a successful day all told.

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