Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Experimental Cookery 2015 #26: Spaghetti Tetrazzini

Taking this series to the halfway point for the year, we have one more entry from "Jamie's Italy". I said before that I thought I'd mined that one out, but there was one recipe that I had been interested to try but that LC rejected - even after I suggested cunningly switching the mushrooms for bacon. So, since I had mushrooms in stock, and since LC is currently away, I thought this was the time to give it a try.

This proved to be another quick and easy meal to make, not surprising for a pasta-based dish. By the time the spaghetti was cooked the chicken and mushrooms had cooked in their sauce. At which point it was a case of tossing everything together, seasoning with salt, pepper, and cheese, and then baking in the over for a good long while.

The result was very tasty, probably better than last week's farfalle, which was a surprise. The only slight criticism I might offer is that the quantities are way off - the recipe claimed to be for four, I made a third of it, and ended up with two large helpings. Which conventiently gives me lunch for tomorrow.

This is another one that I would happily have again, but that LC wouldn't even touch. A shame, but never mind - I'm sure I'll find occasion at some point.

And that really is "Jamie's Italy" done, I think.

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