Saturday, October 24, 2015

Experimental Cookery 2015 #43: Thai Green Chicken Curry

For this week's effort I'm revisiting a curry I actually did earlier in the year, but again using a different method: this one comes from the Hairy Bikers' "Great Curries". That's a book I like looking at, but there is actually very little that grabs me as a must-cook.

This was quick and easy to put together, especially once I'd got all the ingredients washed, trimmed and otherwise ready. Then it was just a matter of adding them to the wok in the right order.

The resulting meal was very nice, and was by far the best of the three versions so far - it wasn't so over-poweringly hot as Jamie's version, and also benefitted from a made sauce rather than a bought one, putting it ahead of Lorraine's version. So I expect this to be my go-to version from now on.

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