Thursday, October 01, 2015


It has been a difficult few days. Not absurdly so, I should point out - I'm conscious that with all the terrible things going on in the world this barely rates, but still harder than usual. And, naturally, things have decided to go wrong in unison rather than sequentially.


In the run-up to my six-monthly check-up I was very worried about my teeth, to the point where I actually feared some of them would be coming out in short order. These fears were essentially dispelled at the check-up, where in fact they were given a clean bill of health. Which was good news, if rather surprising.

Then, last Friday, I bit into a slice of birthday cake and suddenly found myself in significant pain, pain that was then renewed when I bit into my lunchtime apple on Monday. Not good. So yesterday I went back to the dentist and explained the issue...

and there's still very little to see. The dentist did apply something to try to deal with any jangling nerve-endings, but it does seem that things are, actually, basically okay. Still, a stress I could really have done without. Because...


Our internet stopped working on Monday for no apparent reason. After trying a few things, I concluded that it was probably the router, but by then it was too late to go out and get a new one. So on Tuesday I did just that. But, time being tight, I didn't get a chance to try it until last night.

Surprisingly, the new router made no difference whatsoever to the issue. This is perhaps not the worst thing, since it means we haven't lost another router in fairly quick succession (they seem to last two years, if we're lucky). But it still didn't answer the question.

So I called tech support, and spent in excess of an hour on the phone while the agent worked through his on-screen trouble-shooting process. Painfully. Slowly. (Seriously, he seemed like a nice guy and all, but I really wanted just to shout "Get On With It!" I don't need a lengthy explanation of the test you're about to run - just run the test already!)

Anyway, at the end of all that we didn't get our internet fixed. Grr. We have an engineer booked to come out on Saturday. Though I may just have hit on the solution this morning - unfortunately, I needed the internet to investigate whether my idea might be right.


We've also had a small problem with our shower, in that some of the plastic fittings in the "riser rail" were cracked. The rail therefore needed replaced. So we ordered the appropriate kit, which arrived on Tuesday. So far, so good.

Alas, while fitting the new kit LC discovered that one of the parts was not quite what we needed. Annoyingly, finding any indication of the exact part we actually need has proven insanely hard. Eventually, we'll have to photograph what we have, what we need, and email customer services. Once the internet is working again...

(In the interim, we do at least have a working shower - the old parts are still useable, if not great and not going to last. Still, annoying.)

The House Move

Perhaps the biggest stress, though, relates to the house move, which is proceeding apace. We had someone visit to discuss some of the factors involved on Saturday, and while I can't discuss the outcomes of that here (until the move is complete, at least), it does mean that our plans are having to change, possibly quite significantly.

Which is okay; it just means that the process isn't going to be as smooth as I'd (maybe foolishly) hoped, and that it's probably going to take a good bit longer than I think LC had hoped.

But one more annoyance I didn't want to deal with, on top of a bunch of other annoyances I don't want to deal with.

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Kezzie said...

Oh DEAR! You have had a lot of disasters! I too am worried about my teeth- my gums are receeding around my big molars at an alarming rate!! Also worried about my throat and tonsils which have massive craters in them and feels like I've got some weird huge lump there!
I hope the various 'parts' turn up and all is well again!x