Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Update on Goals

And so we near the end of October, and it's time for the penultimate update on goals. The next update will come with the end-of-year round-up.

  • Weight: Some more, slight, progress. I won't reach my target with this goal, but at least I should end the year having lost some weight.
  • Books: By day 300 I should by rights be at 49.3 books read. I'm currently reading book 52, so I'm still well ahead on that one. I'm also up-to-date on all the sub-lists, and indeed have finished two! The question now is less whether I'll reach the goal, but rather how many books I'll exceed it by, but we'll find that out at the end of December!
  • Games: As I suggested in my previous update, I'm essentially caught up on this goal, largely by virtue of starting a second campaign. I now have seven Firefly "Lost Episodes" run and two sessions of "Eberron: Dust to Dust". I'm due to run the eighth Firefly "Lost Episode", "Bucking the Tiger", tonight, which will bring me back on target. Huzzah!
  • Work: This is back to progressing at a reasonable pace, which is good.
  • Band: Done.
  • Super Secret Goal #4: This has had some movement, but has proven to be a bit tricky. In particular, it looks like we won't be starting the move process 'properly' until early next year, with a likely move some time around Easter. That's not terrible. What is less good is some of the news that came out of a recent meeting, but I can't really blog about that until all this is done.
  • Experimental Cookery: By this point I 'should' be at 42.7 entries in this series for the year. As I've now done 43, I'm pretty much on target. So I'm hopeful that this one will hit the goal.
  • The Imaginarium: As with the "books" target, I should be at 49.3 entries by this point of the year. I'm currently at 52, so, once again, I'm ahead of target, and fully expect to meet this target with some ease.

So that's that. Things are now looking considerably better than they have before - four goals are now at or ahead of target, with a fifth set to catch up tonight. One goal is actually complete. Two goals clearly won't be completed this year, although one of those isn't unexpected (and we will have made some very significant progress towards it). Only the weight goal remains an issue, and I do expect to end the year having at least made some progress. Assuming, that is, the last 65 days work out as hoped...

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