Monday, April 10, 2017

Day 100: Update on Goals

Time for another update on the goals for the year. Shockingly, we still haven't moved, which means most things are still on hold. Still, where do we stand...?

  • Weight: Finally, some progress - I've lost about half a stone over the course of Lent, which is obviously good. Still a long way to go, though.
  • Books: By this point in the year I should have read about 16.5 books, and I'm a little further on than that. So that's in good shape. I'm also up-to-date on all the sublists, which is good. Also, I've decided to continue with the Shannara sub-list, which saves me coming up with a replacement sub-list.
  • Super Secret Goal #4: As I said above, we still haven't moved. The latest indications are that it's imminent, but there's still no solid date. It's all very frustrating.
  • Part Five: The House: Obviously, this is on hold, with nothing to report.
  • Part Five: Church: Obviously, this is on hold, with nothing to report.
  • Part Five: Band: We've now reached a point where I've had to commit to seeing out the competition season with the band. My plan now is to do that and then tender my resignation at the AGM in September - that seems a good time to bow out. My hope it to have a really good season with the band, and perhaps help the band secure promotion out of Grade 4B (again), and thus leave on a high.
  • Part Five: Gaming: This is likewise on hold. There has been no gaming since the previous update, and I don't expect any before the next.
  • Super Secret Goal #5: Due to... circumstances, this goal has been set aside for the time being.

This is a fairly disappointing update, due entirely to the move still being stuck. It would be really nice if there was some solid movement before the next update, in mid-May, but I'll believe it when I see it, and not before.

The one real success of the period is the movement, at long last, on the weight goal. Hopefully, this will continue after Lent ends - I'll need to make sure to keep a close eye on that. I'm also quite glad to have my set of books for the year locked in, and also to have decided to take SSG#5 off the list.

But the big thing is still the house move. And that still sucks.

#17: "The Color Purple", by Alice Walker (a book from The List)

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