Saturday, April 01, 2017

Experimental Cookery 2017 #7: Penne with Chilli Sauce

This is another one from that "Let's Cook..." book, and it's another very quick and easy meal, and the results are good. This one comes from Antonio Carluccio.


This is a slightly tricky one in that it's a good replacement for one of my standbys, but with one tiny problem: the meal it's suited to replace is one of my "I can't be bothered" meals, something I do because it's really quick and easy. This version is a good bit nicer, but it's also a bit more effort, so I'm not sure the better taste is worth even the small increase in time and effort. So I'm not sure we'll be doing this one again.

But, again, I find myself recommending that book - it's a really good one, especially for the £9 I paid for it.

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