Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dear Adobe...

Frankly, it's a bit of a pain that you seem to update Flash every couple of days, and that I therefore need to update all my devices, both at home and at work. But I guess it's a living product, and that's probably necessary.

However, when I set up my PC I made sure to choose the homepage, search provider, and anti-virus solution that I wanted to use (or, in some cases, that I was required to use by my employer). I'm quite happy with that choice, and don't want to change it.

That being the case, I'd appreciate it if you didn't ask me, every single time, if I wouldn't really rather use your preferred browser settings. And I'd really rather you didn't leave that box ticked by default, so that I absolutely have to remember every single time or spent several minutes after the update undoing the damage that you've done to my system.

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