Monday, May 29, 2017

West Lothian Highland Games 2017

Another week, another competition. This one was another minor, the first of two weeks spent in Bathgate. (We have their Procession next week. Unfortunately, the rule is that you always get one week of good weather and one week where you need an ark. This week was, surprisingly, really good weather. Next week, I'm told there will be floats. Anyway...)

We competed twice, once in our 'native' grade, and once in the grade above.

In the 4B competition, we came 3rd overall, being 3rd for piping and 2nd for drumming. That was out of six bands, so a decent result. In the 4A competition we actually won! We were 1st (!) in piping and 2nd for drumming. That said, it was out of a grand total of two bands, but it's still a win and I'm still going to claim it.

And after that, I headed home for a quick dinner, to watch "Doctor Who", and then to watch the first half of "The Incredibles". But we had to abandon that after an hour - around 10pm I found I just couldn't keep my eyes open any more.

It has been a good week.

(Next week we have the aforementioned Bathgate Procession on Saturday, followed by the Markinch Highland Games on Sunday. So that will be a busy one.)

#25: "Inversions", by Iain M. Banks (the new candidate for book of the year)

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