Monday, May 15, 2017

Pathfinder Tales

For the past several years, one of my sub-lists for my Books goal has been a series called "Pathfinder Tales", a loosely-connected series of books associated with the Pathfinder RPG. Being game-related fiction, my expectations of the series have not been high, although they have tended towards the better end of that spectrum - with one exception they have at least been entertaining.

The most recent book in the series, "Gears of Faith" was the novel I read at my competition on Saturday. It was, again, rather entertaining, it was a nice easy read, and it was just the right length for me to finish off in the day.

Unfortunately, it was also the last to be published in agreement with TOR Associates, which effectively means that the series is now on hiatus - there's no word on when the next book might appear. (There have been assurances that the series has not been cancelled. But that only counts for so much - just because it hasn't been cancelled today doesn't mean it won't be cancelled tomorrow, especially if a new partner can be found. And the longer that situation goes on, and the more books are 'missed', the harder it becomes to bring back. So, we'll see.)

In the immediate term, this doesn't affect my reading goal much, as I have enough extra entries in the "New Books" series to make up the difference. In the slightly longer term, if the "Pathfinder Tales" line doesn't resume then I'll need another sublist for next year (which is already a bit light, as I'll be more or less up-to-date on the Shannara novels and will have finished all the Culture ones). But I do hope it doesn't come to that - I would miss the Tales if they don't resume.

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Kezzie said...

I've always wondered about those pathfinder books in your book lists. Our church youth group was called Pathfinders so it always made me think of that!
P.S. It is TOTALLY a ruse to get you to make tea! I LIKE LC's style!!!