Friday, May 05, 2017

Experimental Cookery 2017 #10: Light Coronation Chicken

I always find Coronation Chicken to be an odd thing - politically, I'm of a distinctly Republican mindset (UK-style, not US), and so a meal that was designed specifically for the coronation of our current monarch isn't my ideal meal. On the other hand, it's worth noting that this meal was developed when rationing was still very much a thing, and takes the cheapest meat and finds a way to stretch two chicken breasts to feed four, and it manages to taste good (if made well). I find I do have to respect that, not least since she could very easily have gone for something well outside the means of her subjects, and especially on the most significant day in any monarch's reign. So, fair play.

Anyway, this particular version comes from my "Let's Cook..." book, by way of Ainslet Harriott. And it's a good one - quick and simply to put together, and definitely meeting my "if made well" criterion. My only slight issue is that it needs to be mixed up and then left for two hours, which isn't ideal when you get in late and are planning to have it for a quick dinner - in the event we had something else, left it chilling overnight, and had a really quick dinner yesterday. But I'm not sure any of that is really a criticism of the recipe, since some things do just need time.

Nice as this meal was, I'm also inclined to think it would be even better used as a sandwich filling - much like the pots you get in Tesco but without the additives and other junk. Which is always a good thing, since I do like a good sandwich filling.

All in all, this was a triumph, and we'll definitely be having this again.

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