Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Experimental Cookery 2018: Jamaican Goat Curry

Some time ago, I became aware that there's a stockist of goat meat between home and the Grand-parents', and since then I've been wanting to give it a try. Following a visit down South at the weekend (that was sadly unsatisfying), and despite my phone's best efforts to auto-correct 'goat' to 'boat' I was finally equipped. And so, Sunday's main meal was a true experiment, with a new and exciting ingredient (and, indeed, a case where the main ingredient was new and exciting).

The recipe comes from the Hairy Biker's "Great Curries". I make no claim that it is even remotely authentic (of course) - not that that has ever stopped me!

It was quick and easy to prepare. The meat came ready-diced, so all that was needed was to cover it in the spice rub, mix, and let it sit for a while; then fry up some spiced onions; then combine these, along with some water and other additions. And then it baked for two hours.

The result was... interesting. This meal wasn't like anything I've had previously, although the goat meat was only really a small part of that. The spices were pretty strong - almost overpowering.

But it was nice. I liked it. Perhaps more importantly, LC liked it, polishing off her whole meal. So that's a win, not least since there are four other portions now waiting in the freezer.

We'll certainly be having this again, even after those four portions are going. And we'll probably have goat in some other meals at some later stage. However, I will have to investigate other stockists, since I can't be tied to that particular trip in order to get it...

All in all, that's a win.

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