Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Two Mistakes - and a Lesson

On Monday, I got to work nice and early, reached into my pocket to move my mobile phone onto my desk... and discovered I had LC's car keys with me. Oops. Fortunately, we have a spare set, so she was able to manage without me having to rush home to return them, but it was rather a pain.

Today, I walked to the gym (as is now my wont). It being a nice day, I left my jacket in the office, since I didn't need it. However, when I got to the gym I suddenly realised that my membership card, without which I can't get in, was still in my wallet, which was in the aforementioned jacket in the office. Oops.

The lesson from these is about keeping things in the right place - both those car keys should have a place where they live, and neither of them was in that place. After I drove LC's car on Sunday, I should have taken the keys out of my pocket and put them where they lived. As for the gym membership card, it was simply living in the wrong place - since it will only ever be used when I'm using my bag of gym kit, it should be stored in that same bag (and not in the wallet I carry with me all the time). That way, when I get to the gym I either have the card or I have bigger problems.

Of course, neither of those are truly revelatory. But I figured they might be amusing. Slightly.

#19: "William Shakespeare's Star Wars: The Force Doth Awaken", by Ian Doescher
#20: "Pathfinder: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur", by Crystal Frasier and Richard Pett

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