Monday, May 21, 2018

Assembling the Barbecue: And in Under a Decade!

On Saturday, in between not watching the wedding and not watching the FA cup final, I took the opportunity to not watch the Scottish cup final and instead built my barbecue. This was the usual exercise in frustration, with the instructions appear to have been written by an engineer, probably as the last "I don't really want to do this" task in the list of things to do. So we had text that didn't quite make the process clear coupled with diagrams that did - or would have, had they not been printed at a tiny size.

Still, I managed to assemble the barbecue without resorting to industrial language, so that's good. And, what's more, it took less than a decade to achieve this feat!

I should probably explain that one.

Shortly after I purchased the flat in Falkirk, it was pointed out to me that Asda had a really good offer on barbecues - if I recall correctly, it was a then-£150 barbecue for £75 - and that I shouldgo buy one. So I did. (In fairness, that was a pretty good deal. But maybe not the best use of funds.)

Anyway, I purchased this barbecue, put it into my lock-up, and then did nothing with it. For eight years. Amongst other things, I didn't actually have anywhere to have a barbecue, what with it being a top-floor flat, and with the bit of common ground being strictly reserved for drying clothes and nothing else.

It's possible I didn't quite think that one through.

So the barbecue sat in the lock-up, untouched, for all that time. Then it went into storage with the rest of our belongings, and then into the garage at the new house. And, finally, it came out of its box on Saturday and is now sitting, assembled, in our garden.

But at least there's now some chance of it actually getting used...

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