Friday, September 16, 2011

The Band AGM 2011

I didn't realise until today that I hadn't blogged about the band's AGM last year. Either I was just too busy, or it was too depressing to talk about.

(The AGM last year was almost derailed by two issues. The second was a lengthy discussion about the introduction of membership dues, which was eventually passed. The first was a complaint about a lack of relevant documentation, which caused issues.)

Anyway, this year's AGM occurred last night, and went off without a hitch. It was long and boring but ultimately successful. We made sure to have all our documentation in place well in advance, proceeded through the agenda, and basically got things done. (I'll need to note down what we did as part of our "good practice" guidelines.)

The one major disappointment of the AGM is that both our leading drummer and the pipe major of our Development Band have elected to leave the band to pursue newer challenges. A big loss for us, though probably the right decisions for them. Anyway, we wish them the best of luck.

Otherwise, the committee remains largely unchanged, with most people in the same roles. Obviously, we have a new lead drummer in the role, and we have a new Parent's Rep (replacing the old rep who quit when we set up the Development Band). The positions of Piper's and Drummer's Rep have been eliminated, and replaced with a Pipe Major and Lead Drummer for the Development Band; the previous Piper's Rep is therefore now serving in a new capacity, while there is a new face on the drumming side. This gave us the required 10 people for the committee without any great fuss.

The band have been asked to play at the festival in Guingamp (France) again next year, and the travel arrangements are going to be a lot more formalised than this year. The organisers have offered to subsidise the trip to 75% of travel, plus food and lodging; the point was made that those travelling would have to make up the shortfall (as the band, being a charity, cannot).

The band have also been asked, provisionally, to play at an event in Cuba in June. This would be fully subsidised. However, it remains to be seen whether this will actually happen or not. Sadly, it seems unlikely that I would be able to attend either of these trips.

The dates of the major competitions next year have been announced. There are no real surprises here, except that the British Championships are being held on the 30th of June.

Finally, there has been a slight adjustment in my own role. I remain the Chairman of the committee. However, the Development Band are not going to have one Pipe Major this year, but rather two co-Pipe Majors, of whom I am one. This will mostly mean I'll be involved in the teaching; I will need to work out some arrangement with the other co-PM as to how we're going to split the competitions.

Anyway, interesting times ahead...

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