Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ultraviolet: Code-500

On Saturday I ran the one-shot game that I mentioned in a previous post, and it was excellent. A strong group of players who were engaged with the plot and their characters, one of my better performances as Game Master, and a good time had by all.

One of the great things about these games is that the GM usually has a story in mind when writing the thing, but that story never quite survives first contact with the players. Saturday was no exception.

The team arrived on-site late on Thursday night. At this point, I expected them to very quickly turn in, and start their investigations in the morning. After all, I made a point of noting just how late it was...

However, the party elected to get to work right away. This was fine, except that the plot also had certain events going on on the Thursday night that the PCs were expected to miss... Thus, they were able to short-circuit a big piece of the plot, and cut out a lot of the investigations that were to follow.

Still, simply because it was unexpected didn't mean it was bad. Fortunately, the plot wasn't so fragile that those events had to work out just so, and I was able therefore the re-plot.

Anyway, it was all really good fun, and probably the best game I've been involved in this year. And given how good this year has been for gaming, that is high praise indeed.

Meanwhile, it looks like one of the guys in the other gaming group is now permanently working on Saturdays. If this is correct, I guess that definitively wraps that up.

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