Thursday, September 22, 2011

I don't believe it!

Two weeks ago, I got a letter from the council informing me that they would be resurfacing my road soon, and that on that day there would be no street parking available. I don't recall them giving a date, but I must confess to not paying much attention as I was going to be at work, with my car, on whatever day it was.

A few weeks ago, my car started giving me grief. I took it in, and they thought they'd resolved the issue, but yesterday the car got really bad, really quickly. It's booked in for more work tomorrow, but I decided that it wasn't really safe to drive to work today. So, I borrowed my Dad's car today, and left mine here.

Today was the only day between now and Christmas when my car was left in the street during the day, and I wasn't around to move it.

Today was the day they chose to resurface the street. I arrived back to find a glorious new surface all along the street, except for the one single strip where my car was parked all day. And mine was the only car that was left on the street today.

Sometimes, I'm sure God is having a laugh at me. That's the only explanation I can think of for the sequence of events working out just so precisely. I just hope I'm giving good amusement.

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