Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Too many games, not enough time

At the weekend I'm running yet another game. This one is "Hunter: the Vigil", one of the 'new' World of Darkness games. The adventure is titled "Ultraviolet: Code-500", and is based on the old Channel 4 show Ultraviolet.

Anyway, last night I was busy creating the characters for this game, and I was reminded just how much I used to love the old World of Darkness games. There's just something really smooth and elegant about the way the characters are put together. It's just fun, in a way that D&D no longer seems to be. And while I got really burned out on the "Vampire" iteration of the games, and have no intention of going back, running a game for hunters (the flip side, if you will) is extremely attractive.

The only problem with that is that I just don't have enough time. I'm currently busily running my latest D&D campaign, "The Eberron Code", which may have as much as two years still to go. Additionally, I have at least one "Star Wars Saga Edition" campaign I want to run ("Through a Glass Darkly"), I've sort-of promised myself that I'm going to run a "Serenity" campaign, and then there's the "Emergent Reason" campaign I've been thinking about for the last five years... And as soon as I started up "The Eberron Code" I immediately came up with two other D&D campaigns I want to run!

So, once again I find myself with a whole bunch of campaign ideas, and a total lack of time in which to run them. Woe is me!

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