Monday, February 02, 2015

Experimental Cookery 2015 #3: Beachside Paella (modified)

This one was taken from the first Hairy Dieter's book, though it was modified by being made for two people instead of six; and by the removal of the mussels, squid, and beans.

To be honest, this was all a bit of a faff, involving lots of cutting things up, then messing around with adding things to the pan at various points, and generally more steps than were ideal. Plus, it took a bit longer than was expected, largely as a result of the same.

In fairness, though, the result was rather enjoyable, although perhaps might have been better with chicken breast instead of thigh meat. I think I'll be investigating other paella recipes before returning to this one, and indeed may well end up building my own hybrid.

(Besides, allegedly it's not really a paella at all - purists would seem to claim that the addition of chorizo bars it from that. I'm not particularly fussed about being a purist, at least about this.)

This Week's Mug: This week's mug is very much of the old order, being a Space Mountain mug I purchased on my first visit to Disneyland Paris, some seventeen years ago. It's a simple white mug, stamped with a mostly-blue depiction of the titular ride. The truth is that this is a mug that doesn't get used at all often, and for good reason: the glaze on the mug was never terribly good, which means the coffee tends to be 'enhanced' with the taste of the mug itself. It's not an enticing prospect, such that I suspect this week may see the last ever use of this mug. Still, it's had a good run.

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