Monday, February 23, 2015


This weekend was rather a busy one.

It actually all began on Thursday, which saw the birthday gathering for The Twins. This was an ejoyable enough evening, but largely unremarkable. Sadly, due to the Chinese New Year I wasn't able to get my usual takeaway and so had an uninspiring pizza instead. Oh, and I missed band.

On Friday we had a works' night out. For the first time in my career, one of my colleagues was retiring, and Friday was his last day, and so we went for a meal out. I therefore finished work, rushed to the gym for a short 20 minutes, rushed home, and then rushed to the train. I then walked to the restaurant, which was pleasant enough if somewhat... rustic.

I had calamari to start, then penne with spicy sausage, and then ice cream. And a couple of beers. It was an enjoyable meal. Of particular note was that at one point Brian Taylor, BBC Scotland's top political journalist, came in for his dinner. I didn't go get a selfie with him.

After the meal, several of us decided to go for a drink. However, our first pub selection failed - a few of us had already gone in, and as the second group of four arrived the doorman decided he couldn't let big groups in. I'm not entirely convinced there wasn't some other agenda at work there.

Anyway, no matter - we went to a different pub instead, which proved to be much more welcoming. Then, two beers later, I caught the train home, getting in just after midnight.

Saturday saw me eating out again, this time with Lady Chocolat at Cafe India in Glasgow. This was also a fine meal - haggis pakora, followed by a chicken curry, followed by ice cream (again). And Coke this time, as I was driving.

After the meal we went to another pub, this time to meet up with LC's friends as one of them had decided "we should go to a ceilidh". Oh, yes - the pub in question have ceilidh dancing every Saturday. I should probably have mentioned that.

Anyway, the rest of the evening was quite good fun, although the dance floor very quickly became very busy. Plus, there was an incident where I was called on to rescue a friend from being chatted up, which was solved by the expedient of asking, nay demanding, that she must dance with me at once. Job done.

We got home just before midnight on Saturday, thus avoiding the dreaded moment when the car turned into a strange silver pumpkin (or something).

On Sunday we had pizza from the Hut. It was okay, but less festive than the other meals.

And that was my weekend. I'm a bit tired now.

This Week's Mug: This week I'm drinking from a white mug marked "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey". This was a Christmas present from LC's parents, I think the Christmas before last (or perhaps the one before that, given the film referenced). It's a perfectly good mug, albeit one that sees little use.

#9: "The Long War", by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter


Kezzie said...

Well that sounds exciting! You have interesting mugs BTW!!!
I have to ask you something- er you know with bagpipes where does the reed go? Is it covered up with a cap or do you actually blow it like an oboe. I bought some kiddie pipes to try out (probably the equivalent of Poundland recorders- e.g. garbage!) but I can't seem to even work OUT how to make a sound!!!

Kezzie said...

I should add they came from Lidl!

Steph/ven said...

Yep, the Lidl pipes aren't very good.

There are four different reeds in a full set of bagpipes - one in each of the three drones where the drone-pipe meets the bag (that part is held with hemp, so the drone can be removed), and one in the chanter where it likewise meets the bag.

With the Lidl pipes you should have received one reed (actually a practice chanter reed, but it's right for those pipes). This goes into the chanter - if you look you should see a join where that joins the bag. Remove it, place the reed in, and then put it back, and you should be good to go.

I hope that helps.

Kezzie said...

Thank you!!! I will try this!!
I knew they'd be crap but I thought for £12 it would be nice to have a set for school even as an artefact and to just have a go on! I watched the Youtube clip with the pipeband who tried them- it was hilariou- they sounded like party poppers!