Sunday, February 19, 2017

Day 50: Update on Goals

Rather depressingly, we're already 50 days into 2017, which means it's time for an update on goals. I say "rather depressingly", because there's very little to report - almost everything is on hold until one of the road-blocks is cleared, and there's been almost no movement on that...

  • Weight: There's been a very small adjustment on this one, in which I've dropped all of 2 pounds since the New Year. My plan is to focus on this one very heavily over Lent, so I'm hoping there will be real progress by the next update.
  • Books: By this point in the year I should have read 8.2 books, and I've actually read very slightly more than that (more than 8 books but less than 9). So that's in good shape. I'm also up-to-date on all the sublists, but am coming to a point where I'll need to make a decision on Shannara.
  • Super Secret Goal #4: The latest update is that the paperwork down South is going through but moving very slowly. The suggestion is that this might finally come to an end some time in March, which would be good. Though it wouldn't be the worst thing if our move happened to fall into the Easter holiday at the start of April. (That said, the worst outcome, other than it falling through entirely, would be for us to still be uncertain come the start of April, and so unable either to move or to plan some much-needed time away.) I really hope to have a positive update in time for the 100-day marker!
  • Part Five: The House: Obviously, this is on hold, with nothing to report.
  • Part Five: Church: Obviously, this is on hold, with nothing to report.
  • Part Five: Band: For the most part, this is on hold. However, we're rapidly heading towards the point where I need to make a solid decision on the upcoming season - there comes a point where I will need to commit to seeing out the competition season with the band, even if doing so is inconvenient, as it's just not fair to them to drop out at the last minute. I've already had to pay a deposit towards a hotel room for the trip to Forres for the European Championships (only £20, so I can write that off if need be). By the time of the 100-day update I'll have a solid answer on that question.
  • Part Five: Gaming: This is likewise on hold. As I'm getting sick of life amongst the boxes, though, I may attempt to fit some gaming in prior to the move. That said, the times that I'm available don't seem to dovetail with the rest of the group terribly well, so that's looking doubtful, especially as I can't host games just now.
  • Super Secret Goal #5: As I said when setting this one, I'm not sure it will be a goal at all, and won't know until April or May. So this one is obviously on hold, though not for the same reasons as the others!

And that's where things stand. As I'm sure can be seen, it's been a very frustrating time and we're just not as far forward as I'd hoped by this time. Right now, the focus is very much on the house move, except that there's nothing I can do about that right now.

The next update will be at 100 days, early in April. With luck, we'll have moved by then, or at least have a very solid timeframe for that, and so everything else will be able to advance. Until then, I guess I shall just keep the 'reading' and 'weight' goals ticking over.

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