Sunday, February 26, 2017

Experimental Cookery 2017 #4: Ragu Bolognese

The second of this week's experimental cookeries came from Tesco's "Let's Cook with the nation's favourite chefs" book that they did for charity late last year. That book is a veritable gold-mine, though somehow this was the first time we really had occasion to use it.

The meal was a Ragu Bolognese, which we had with spahgetti (despite that being non-traditional).

This meal actually was good, quick and easy. Although 'quick' is perhaps relative - there were fifteen minutes of prep, followed by a two-hour simmer step. Still, if all you have to do is stir something every fifteen minutes for two hours, that's not exactly a tough one!

The result was really nice, and is now immediately our go-to recipe for a Bolognese sauce, which is a good find. It just blows the previous two out of the water on all counts. (The only tiny thing I'd note is that the recipe indicates it makes four servings, but that's probably an under-estimate - I'd expect to get at least five and maybe six from a pot that size in future. Which is obviously terribly - oh no, I'm getting more meals for the time and money!)

So, yeah, that one's a winner.

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