Monday, February 13, 2017

Why They Shouldn't Reboot Firefly

Apparently, Fox are open to getting the crew back together and doing some more episodes of "Firefly", on the condition that Joss Whedon comes back to run the show.

They shouldn't.

Here's the thing: "Firefly" is a great show, and one of the most painful cancellations ever (with only "Police Squad" coming close). But it was very much a case of catching magic in a bottle - they had just the right cast, they had the right show-runner at just the right spot in his career, and everything just... worked. Even the film "Serenity" didn't manage to quite capture that same vibe.

Ten years on, and none of the people involved are the same people they were then. (And that's even assuming they'd be willing and available to come back. Morena Baccarin, in particular, seems to be very busy with various projects. Not to mention the issues with Wash and Book being dead in the movie - the ensemble doesn't work without them, and yet the canon doesn't work if they're there. Not to mention the small matter of Ron Glass being dead (thanks 2016!).)

Basically, it's a bad idea. Better to just leave it as this perfect show that might have been, and do something else.

The other option, of course, is a full-blown reboot - either recast all the parts, or indeed do the story of another Firefly ship in the 'Verse. That might just work, with the latter option being the better. But, honestly, if you're doing a whole new show, wouldn't it be better instead to just... do a whole new show?

#8: "Jude the Obscure", by Thomas Hardy (a book from The List)

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