Thursday, February 09, 2017

Dear Jeremy Corbyn...

Are you aware just how hard it is to complain about media bias against you, when even a fair assessment concludes that you're utterly and completely useless?

Seriously, by announcing a three-line whip on the Brexit bill even if all amendments were voted down, you gave the government carte blanche to reject any and all amendments, and to proceed with a Brexit negotiated by, and for, Tories. You had some actual leverage with which to extract concessions (since the government wanted cross-party support to lend their bill greater legitimacy), and you threw it away.

What is the point of an opposition if, on the rare occasion it actually matters, you utterly fail to oppose?

(And please note that that's not a call to frustrate the process of Brexit. But MPs could and should have insisted on proper scrutiny of the process to ensure we get the best deal for all of us, and not one that just happens to favour those people who vote Tory. Not that I don't have absolute trust in the motives of Boris, Liam, and David, of course...)

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