Thursday, January 26, 2012

No Birdsong

I was rather annoyed with myself on Sunday when I realised that I'd forgotten to record the first episode of "Birdsong".

No matter, I thought, I would just catch it when it was repeated. But no such luck - apparently, it's not going to be repeated any time soon. I can watch it on iPlayer if I want (provided I don't mind the constant...

... buffering ...

... buffering ...

... buffering ...

delays while it buffers the next bit), for the next 10 days. But the BBC are too busy making sure "Eastenders" is repeated sufficiently. Never mind that "Birdsong" cost them many times as much to make.


Oh, and one more thing. I learned in the Radio Times that "Birdsong" is a set text in schools, not just English (which is entirely sensible), but also in History.

Are they insane?

Here's a handy clue: "Birdsong" is fiction. It's well-written fiction, and well-researched fiction, but it is fiction nonetheless. And, indeed, while some fictions may well be of historic significance, the reason for this is that they were written at, or close to, the time by people who were actually there.

"Birdsong" has no more place being taught in a History class than Creationism does being taught in a Science class.

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