Sunday, January 08, 2012


I don't know why, but this year's "Celebrity Big Brother" fills me with an inexplicable rage. I mean, the anger should have been directed at it last year, when Channel 5 resurrected a deservedly-dead show.

(Actually, it would be a much better show if it truly was undead. Imagine, a zombie attack on the house. Imagine the hilarity as the zombies become increasingly desperate in their hunt for brains...)

Anyway, I think my big issue with the show this year is the nature of the 'stars'. Of the women, four are described as 'glamour' models, while one is only famous for being the other woman to have an affair with Ryan Giggs. (And, shockingly, hers is the more unpleasant story, despite Imogen Thomas being yet another 'glamour' model.) And another is a woman who had a brief career in the soaps, but is mostly known for "Loose Women", the worst show on the entirety of TV.

I don't suppose the men are any better. But, with the exception of Madsen and Cocozza, my immediate response is 'who?', even after I've read their bios. At least I know what a 'glamour' model is (porn star, albeit in the softest end of that spectrum). But for most of the men, is that a band? A TV show? Some sort of hat?

Honestly, though, it's the coverage that gets to me. I don't agree with super-injunctions, but Ryan Giggs was right to want to avoid publicity for this mess. Mrs Giggs has no business seeking to trade on her ill-gotten 'fame', and her 'need' to rehabilitate her reputation is as nothing to allowing the families involved to heal - which requires her staying out of the limelight. And don't get me started on the spectacle of Imogen Thomas attacking her on Twitter, as if she were somehow the wronged woman in all of this...

There is a very small group of celebrities that I don't merely dislike, but actively detest. Celebrity Big Brother seems to have managed to collect most of them together in one place this year. And shameful as it is, I can't help but wish that Michael Madsen would have a flashback to his "Reservoir Dogs" persona...

(Edit: No, I don't watch CBB, although I might watch either the Zombie or Reservoir Dogs versions. Nor do I really seek out news on the subject. But somehow gossip about the show has become 'news', so when I'm driving around listening to the radio, I tend to pick up just enough about the show to get a taste of the annoyance.)

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